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The Romford Model Engineering Club was established in 1934 and was one of the first model engineering clubs in the British Isles. Just prior to WWII it built the first continuous model railway track in the country and has continued to operate at various locations in the Romford area. Our present track, some 830ft in length, is situated at Ardleigh Green, Homchurch and is probably one of the most picturesque track sites as it is located in a small wood with the track winding through the trees. As a club we are not solely railway orientated and probably our greatest pleasure is derived from our twice monthly meetings. Held on the first and third Friday of each month there is something of interest to cover all tastes. The first meeting in each month is Competition Night when members bring along bits and pieces of the model they are presently building and give a brief description of the trials and tribulations involved, points are awarded by the members present, the results of which contribute to our annual award. This however is not mandatory; some members have never entered anything but continue to just enjoy the social aspect of the Club. The second meeting in the month is usually a talk or demonstration, by an outside speaker or a club member, of an engineering related subject. The skills of members within the club vary, from professional engineers to those who are attempting their first foray into model engineering, but all have the same goal i.e. to build something to the best of their ability. To this end much encouragement is given to the newcomer to the hobby. The present modelling activities of the membership encompasses many areas of the hobby — model steam launches, workshop equipment, clocks, traction engines, trams, fire engines plus railway related items of many shapes and sizes. If you are considering joining a club, why not come along to one or two of our meetings and see what we are all about — you would be made most welcome. — Not all members live within the Romford area. For further Information Contact the Club Secretary

Steve ThompsonTel 07734257060


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